Control of equipment

Important communication

The collection of the fencing bags and equipment that has been controlled will be possible till 19:30 every day, or in the mornings as of 07:15 in the morning.


Control of the material

It will be possible to deposit your equipment for control as of Wednesday May 20, 2 PM, at the sports centre « Centre Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes ».

Control will take place every day between 8AM and 7PM. Controls should be done the day before the competition. In case of emergency, control will be possible between 07:15 and 8 AM.

Fencers who compete at several weapons can have all their material controlled at once.

The material requirements are those of the FIE. Name and nationality must be on the back of the back.

Masks and chest protection should follow the FIE rules.

Material that can be submistted to control

Weapons2 to 42 to 42 to 4
Chest protection1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Metallic vest1 or 21 or 2
Body wires2 to 42 to 42 to 4
Mask wire2 to 42 to 4
Glove1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Mask1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Trousers1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Under vest1 or 21 or 21 or 2
Vest1 or 21 or 21 or 2